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Our dearest quest as believers should be light - the True Light. The greatest tragedy in life is to have eyes yet walk in darkness. The source of light is knowledge - more so the revelation knowledge of the Word of God. This is the key to liberty, freedom and deliverance. Light is sweet and adds color to life. The knowledge of God is multi-colored and comes in an infinite variety of innumerable aspects. We must locate this knowledge. This book is written with a desire to illuminate your life with revelation knowledge. Every revelation brings an elevation. This book is designed to release divine insight into your life thus bringing out the brilliance of the Divine in you and ultimately fashioning a champion out of you. Embrace the Light! It will lift you up from the pit to the pinnacle, from the valley to the peak, from the bottom to the top. Light separates between winners and losers. It elevates one from obscurity into the limelight! This is a must for you. Go for it!

Quest for Light

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