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Course Description:

How can you facilitate, rather than control, group decision-making and team interaction? Without formal training, people may find it difficult to make the transition from "managers" to "facilitators." With its focus on asking rather than telling, and listening to build consensus, facilitation is the new leadership ideal, the core competency everyone needs.   Many organizations recognize that the set of skills an effective facilitator has are the same skills that others inside the organization also need to work effectively with groups.  Facilitative skills are increasingly becoming a core competency for supervisors, team leaders, managers, consultants, and others who work with groups.  This course is designed to give the learner a basic understanding of the group facilitation process to utilize in the work environment.  


Course Goals:

  • The goals of Principles of Group Facilitation are to train employees who are able to:
  • Ascertain basic facilitation skills and techniques
  • Articulate the challenges facing a facilitator when working with a group
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge and understanding of the group facilitation process
  • Understand the correlation between facilitation and leadership


Course Objectives:

  • Integrate facilitator competencies into practice
  • Develop a facilitator’s pledge
  • Lead a group using facilitation skills 
  • Observe a facilitation process
  • Learn about specific conflict resolution techniques to apply to group settings
  • Understand your own leadership style and facilitator core values


Course Procedures and Requirements:

All assignments will be delivered by the instructor by email.  Students will interact with the instructor through email dialogue.   Students will use the reply function of email to respond to instructor comments and questions after submitting his or her discussion posts. There is no participant to participant interaction at this time.  This ongoing activity will encompass all of the course objectives.  This activity is dialogue, not presentation.  


Discussion post evaluation will be based on both quality and quantity of participation.  From time to time, the instructor will provide feedback on homework and discussion posts to assist with gaining better understanding of the concepts presented in this seminar. 

Principles of Group Facilitation - 4 Week eCourse

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