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Course Description:

This course is an introduction to organizational theory and design, with emphasis on the structure of organizations, leadership styles, organizational culture and behavior, group dynamics, motivation and bureaucracy.    Students will gain insights of various types of organizations including virtual organizations.   Seminar activities including reading, discussions, practice, and reflection will result in better understanding of major theories and their implementations in organizational design. The learning objectives stated below specify detailed learning outcomes that participants will acquire.


Course Goals:

  • Understand basic organizational theory and design  including optimal layouts for relevant outcomes 
  • Demonstrate knowledge of leadership styles.
  • Define organizational climate and culture
  • Understand how organizational behavior defines the organization
  • Understand the role that conflict management plays in organizational success
  • Define the stages of team and group development
  • Understand how different work groups function
  • Understand the motivational payoff concept
  • Define bureaucracy and managing it within an organizational setting


Course Procedures and Requirements:

All assignments will be delivered by the instructor by email.  Students will interact with the instructor through email dialogue.   Students will use the reply function of email to respond to instructor comments and questions after submitting his or her discussion posts. There is no participant to participant interaction at this time.  This ongoing activity will encompass all of the course objectives.  This activity is currently dialogue, not presentation.  

Discussion post evaluation will be based on both quality and quantity of participation.  From time to time, the instructor will provide feedback on homework and discussion posts to assist with gaining better understanding of the concepts presented in this seminar. 

Designing Your Organization - 4 Week eCourse

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