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In 2019, Danyetta Najoli co-designed The Black American Tree Project with, Freda Epum.  What began as a professional development project at their respective non-profit organizations, transformed into a sustainable nontraditional learning experience.

The Black American Tree Project is a participatory embodiment workshop and historical account detailing the dominant systematic, cultural, and societal forces repressing Black Americans. We want to lay bare the power and structure of the indelible forces of systemic racism and how its hold impacts all humans, namely Black Americans. See the 3-minute video about the project below:









The Project is followed by courageous community conversations offering real-time discovery of new levels of awareness, healing, and affirmation for the participant who can impact those within their circle and their communities.

Participants will feel and comprehend, based on factual evidence, the atrocities of key societal forces, both past and present, whether well-intentioned or not, and the role authority, family, and community, play in conjunction with these forces.

Danyetta and her team has prototyped this project 20 times with a diverse group of over 590 people from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New York, Canada, and Indigenous lands in North American, Australia, Scotland, and the UK.  The project has also been named a Truth Pillar in the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformational (TRHT) model by the All-In Cincinnati Coalition. The project has been hosted in university, nonprofit, and community settings.  The Black American Tree Project serves as a powerful learning experience for work teams and groups wanting to learn and heal alongside one another.

This immersive history lesson and present-day reality project can be facilitated at universities, municipalities, corporations, nonprofits, community groups, and more!

Limited number of spots are available per session! 

Check for upcoming project dates here.

Kijiji Success Group

Community of Women Entrepreneurs

Kijiji means village in Swahili.

The Kijiji Success Group (KSG) a community of women who are aligned around wellness, entrepreneurship, personal and professional growth and development.  We started as a cohort with the Family independence Initiative and UpTogether to give KSG members more financial incentives for building community, being accountability partners, and celebrating goal achievement. 


At Kijiji Success Group, we provide cultural identity mentorship support, wealth-building opportunities, wellness outlets, and ways to hold members accountable for achieving your goals in a fun, social way. 

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